I'm John Pierpoint: a musician, writer, artist and computer engineer living in Cofton Hackett, near Birmingham, England.

This site will collect together some of my music, along with poems, other writings and art. The idea is that it fills in the cracks between what you can find on my other (mostly music-related) sites.

Please check back often - and please take a look at my other sites too!


In past times, I've been a member of local groups including Dusk, The Earthmovers and Randolph Flagg. Currently I'm playing bass, guitar, bouzouki and mandolin (and dabbling with other instruments) with TWO bands: "1912" and "Omenopus".

1912 logo

Nineteentwelve (AKA 1912) is the traditional "live" band. That is, five guys playing together in real time, rehearsing songs, recording albums and playing gigs. We play what is known as "Progressive Rock", which is the handy tag applied to any rock music which features intelligent, complex, technically difficult music. But that would be selling us short: 1912 music is also powerful, emotional and damn catchy!
With four great song-writers, three excellent vocalists, and most members able to play several instruments, this is a band that's producing some genuinely exciting music!



Omenopus Logo

Omenopus is the "virtual" band. That is, we never meet or play as a complete unit, and therefore gigs are completely out of the question at this stage in the game (but, you never know. . .). We collaborate on writing and recording via the Internet, then our leader and chief audiovisual architect Lee Potts assembles our contributions into stunning aural experiences - sometimes beautiful, sometimes disturbing, always flying in the face of expectations!



Both bands have produced albums (available on Lee's own Monty Maggot label), which are widely available from many vendors, such as Amazon and CDBaby. However, you'll be able to buy them at much lower prices (with some great package deals, freebies and other goodies) if you go direct to the Monty Maggot web site: www.montymaggot.com. Tell 'em John sent you!

(But check them out on Amazon too - that way, you can read some of the glowing reviews that are up there!)

You can find examples of my solo music (mostly demo quality) on this site, or at my Soundcloud page.

For more information on any of my past and present projects, go the Links page where you can jump to all the relevant sites. . .

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