This is where you'll find photos (of me and by me), designs, sketches and other artwork. Anything visual.
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Me and Gizmo. He's the handsome one on the right! (Photo: Julie Hatton)
Rest in peace, old friend.

My "family" in 2001. (Photo: Julie Hatton)

The following images are scans of artwork created a long time ago. They haven't been edoted or cleaned up digitally (apart from some cropping), so in many cases, you can see the marks where the paper has been folded or pinned. I did a lot of work on the backs of old form paper, so you can see the table lines bleeding through on the scans.


TreeMirror - pencil on paper. c.1980
I was fascinated by the idea of a tree's roots resembling a whole tree, but underground. Obviously a real root pattern wouldn't look like this (no trunk under the ground), but I wanted it to be like a playing card image that could be rotated: one side showing summer, the other showing winter.


Airship and tower

Airship and Tower - from the early Eighties
Heavily under the spell of Patrick Woodroffe at the time!



Crashdive - from the early Eighties
Pencil, watercolour, enamel on paper
. . . also heavily under the spell of Roger Dean at the time!


The Hunt

The Hunt - 1982
Pencil, watercolour and enamel on paper
Just a weird alien lifeform idea I was playing about with.
These are space-dwelling creatures, living in a gas nebula.
The large "hunter" uses decoys on stalks to lure the smaller creatures.



Sally - about 1988
Pencil on paper
This was drawn to illustrate a song by Dusk that had a particularly powerful storyline:
all about a girl who kills her mother and runs away to join a puppet show!


Stalk Forest

The Stalk Forest - early Eighties
Pencil, ink, watercolour, enamel on paper
This started off with me playing with a classic "Tony Hart" type trick:
using a straw to blow blobs of watercolour across the page.
Once I'd decided that it looked like some kind of alien forest, I added the drawn and painted details.


The Tube

The Tube - early Eighties
Enamel on paper
I was inspired to paint this after seeing the surf film Crystal Voyager on TV as a teenager.
The film's last section was a montage of footage taken from cameras strapped to the nose of surf boards as they were ridden through the tubes of waves, all set to Pink Floyd's "Echoes".
It was a beautiful piece of film, and I wanted to catch the flavour of it in a painting.



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