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Brightstrings (bass instrumental - 24/11/2016).
Just something I came up with whilst breaking in a new set of Rotosound Swing Bass 66 strings.
There are three tracks on this recording: a chord sequence and two melody/improvisation parts - all played on the same Rickenbacker 4001, all up at the 12th fret.
Some of the melody parts don't quite work, but it's not bad for an "off-the-cuff" take.

Juliet (solo bouzouki tune - 2012).
This tune has existed in various forms (and under a couple of names) since the early 90s. This is my latest recording of it, from 2012.

Time To Change (multi-track demo - 27/06/2012).
This was completed as my project work for a Music Technology course at Bournville College, but I'd already been working on it, on and off, for a few years. It's probably the most complete of my demos.
Warning: I attempt to sing on this one!

Dream On (multitrack demo).
This is an instrumental version of a song I wrote c.2004. I did record some vocals, but they're so bad that I've left them off for now (!).

State Of Grace (multitrack demo).
Another song that should have lyrics, but I haven't got round to recording the vocals yet. I keep hoping I'll find someone who can do them justice.

Older recordings

Here are some old (analogue!) demo tunes that have since been digitised. They were originally recorded on a Yamaha MT-100 4-track Portastudio, an excellent bit of kit that still works well today - nearly 20 years on! Come to think of it, so does the Roland Dr. Rhythm drum machine that was used on these recordings.

These tunes are the raw material that Lee Potts used to build his superb remixes (some of which have since appeared as Omenopus songs on our debut album "Time Flies", some of which are now on the "Jet Rhino in Pop" collection on Soundcloud). Lee has done some amazing things with this material - there's just no comparison!

The Gulf Between Us (4-track demo - about 1990), later recorded by The Earthmovers.

Thinkin' 'bout You (4-track demo - about 1990), later recorded by The Earthmovers.

Bolero (4-track demo - about 1990).
Recently remixed as "You Don't Talk Like a Human" by Omenopus.

Slowburner (4-track demo - about 1990).

Summer Is Blue (4-track demo - about 1990).
This is rather long with not a lot happening in places - because there were originally a shedload of lyrics that were supposed to go in! Lee's "Aestas" remix is available as a free download at www.omenopus.com and on Soundcloud.

Barf Out! (4-track demo - about 1990).
I took the tapes of this bass duet along when I went to visit my old friend (and excellent guitarist) Charlie Bluglass in Lancaster (WOMAD was going on in nearby Morecombe that week). He'd just started using a sampler with his Amiga computer at the time, and was heavily into working with samples. We added various African samples to the tune, and somewhere along the line the Moon Unit sample went in too - hence the title!



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