This page is for sketches, rather than completed artwork.
I've always doodled on scraps of paper and the backs of old envelopes. But in 2022 my partner Julie had a resurgence in her own interest in art, and she started stocking up on supplies. She bought some small sketchbooks for all of us to carry around while we were out and about, so we could do sketches anywhere.
Shortly afterwards she was diagnosed with cancer so, as a family, we spent the next 18 months hanging around hospital waiting rooms as she had treatment and consultations. Those sketchbooks came in handy!

These are a few of the more interesting sketches. Most images are simply cropped from photographs of the pages. I'll get around to doing some proper flatbed scans when I get time. . .


Tristan at The Foley Arms, Great Malvern + various spacecraft

Not sure what this is!
Aquatic lifeform? Denizen of the Jovian atmosphere?

Astronaut - inspired by the paintings of Robert McCall

Starter at Loch Fyne restaurant + Dragon head

Minecraft Stronghold
Tristan was sat next to me, playing Minecraft on his tablet, as I drew this.

Spider plant at QE Cancer Centre, Birmingham

Seadragonus Giganticus


The Toy-Stealing Monster (early idea)
An idea for an illustration for one of my poems.

The World Beast

Dinosaur + Coffee mug at Wetherspoons, Bewdley
The dinosaur started as a random, cloud-like shape drawn by Tristan. He challenged me to make it into something, so I made it into a dinosaur. Then Tristan added the big pile of dino-poo (he'd just seen Jurassic Park III) and I added a dung beetle!

Tree stump at Worcester Woods





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